Welcome to the Codestruct docs!
On the following pages we'll cover everything from the basics to more advanced features in detail and hopefully help you get the most out of Codestruct. Here are some high level concepts to get started with.

What's Codestruct? is a publishing platform for developers and a place to learn from each other and teach what you know. Codestruct as a platform lets you create a free blog as well as full-fledged, monetized courses – on your own domain!
We're trying to strike a balance between customizations and standards for all our publications, which is why we let you bring your own React components to all your content and a growing number of customization options within a reasonable frame.
We welcome every learner and teacher using Codestruct to join us in our Slack workspace to chat about bugs, new features, teaching in general but also about technical aspects of tutorials published on Codestruct.

Blogging on Codestruct

Creating courses on Codestruct

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