Creating a new article

To create a new article, navigate to Articles in the sidebar and click the New article button in the top right corner.
Add a new article
Next, you can fill out the basic information about the article you're going to write, such as name, what tech it's about (tags) and an optional cover image. We recommend setting both a cover image as well as tags for each article, because it'll help with engagement and makes it easier for others to find your articles on Codestruct.
Fill in the basic info to create your article
Once your article is successfully created, you can start writing your article using our MDX editor. You can insert community components and upload your own (paid feature) from the top right and change all of the article's settings in the bottom right, by clicking Edit article details.
Article settings
Once you're ready to publish your article, switch the status from draft to published in the bottom right corner and save the article again. That's it, your article is now published and will show up in your publication a few seconds later.
Last modified 8mo ago