Setting up a blog on Codestruct

Getting started with a blog on Codestruct starts with signing up. We'll ask you a few questions, like your name, what you want to call your publication and what subdomain of you want to start with.
The initial setup process
Once you've completed the setup steps, you're all set to start publishing. However if you want to connect your own domain, head to Settings from the sidebar and scroll to the bottom. Here you can switch to custom domain and connect your own domain, by setting the DNS records like described below.
Set up a custom domain

Setting up your DNS

To connect your domain, head over to your DNS provider and add a new A Recod with host name set to "@" and the vlaue like below.
Set your domain's A Record
Next, add a CNAME Record for the www of your domain to the value like below. This will ensure your domain (incl. the www) are pointed to Vercel, where all of our publications are hosted.
Set your domain's www CNAME
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