Advanced course settings

To get to the advanced course settings, got to the course overview page by clicking on Courses from the left sidebar. From here, once you have created a course, click on the cog icon of the course you want to adjust settings for.
Open advanced course settings
Next you'll be presented with the general options, like if you want to exclude the course from your publication's landing page. This is also the right place to delete your course, however please note that deleting a course will also remove access for all enrolled students, so this should always be a last resort!

Setting up payments and pricing tiers

When you go to Pricing from the tabs panel, you can select a payment provider (1) and start adding your own pricing tiers (2) on the left side. This step is important to afterwards set individual access for each lesson. You can always add and edit tiers later, but keep in mind that you might have to adjust this on every lesson as well if you add a new tier later.
Pricing and tiers

Welcome and update emails

From the Emails tab you can change the content of your welcome and update emails and if you want to send them at all. They're usually sent once a student enrolls in your courses and if you're doing a presale and move a course from presale to published.
Change transactional email settings and content

Publishing a course

Finally, if you select Publish from the tab menu, you can move your course from draft to presale and publish. Not that presales are fully optional and you can always just move your course from draft to published. Once your course is published, it will immediately be available for students to enroll. You will be presented with the option to send out a status update (once) to all students who have enrolled thus far (most likely through a presale).
Change the status of a course
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