Creating courses on Codestruct

To create a new course, navigate to the Courses page and click the New course button in the top right corner.
Create a new course
When you start a new course the first thing you need to do is to add a chapter and subsequently a lesson in that chapter. You can either do that by following the big black buttons in the main panel, or from the left sidebar, by clicking the + icon.
Once you have created your first chapter, you can use the three dots from the sidebr to edit its name.
Edit a chapter
Similarly, when you want to edit a lesson, you can use the button Edit lesson details in the bottom right corner to change the lesson's name, type and more. We generally distinguish between video- and text-based lessons, where video lessons feature a prominent video at the top.
Edit lesson
This is also the right place to determine under which pricing tier a certain lesson should be available, if you want to offer multiple tiers for your course and not all content should be available at every price point. Please note that you have to include all the tiers that should be allowed to view the lesson. So if you have a basic and a premium tier for example and the lesson should be available on both tiers, make sure to also select both tiers here!
Select which tiers should be allowed to view a lesson
In order to customize the whole course's details, click the pen icon in the top left corner, next to the course's name. This will open a slide-over from the right, alloweing you to customize the title, description as well as define prerequisites for the course and a cover image.
Edit the course's details
Because courses are fairly complex, there is a second layer of settings you can learn about here:
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