Importing your own React components

To import your own react components (paid feature), navigate to Components from the left sidebar. From here you can create a new components by clicking Add component in the top right corner.
Add a custom Ract component
From here, fill in your component's info. Most importantly a tag, your components code and an example of how to use it. At the bottom of the page, you can decide whether you want to share your components with the community or keep it to yourself. If you make it a community component, there will be a manual review, but you will be able to use it aft a 1-3 minutes either way. If there are chanegs necessary to make it a community component, we'll get in touch.
Fill in the new component's details
Please note that when importing your own components, it always takes a few minutes before they're available to use in your content. We're running multiple checks in the background and will be in touch if changes are necessary..
Last modified 4mo ago